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How #GenX Are you?

How #GenX are you? Give yourself 1 point for each "yes" you did growing up:

* Saw at least three John Hughes movies. * Passed a note to a friend between or during classes. * Wore leg warmers or a Flashdance sweatshirt. * Made a cassette tape. * Knew the lyrics to at least three Madonna songs. * Had a poster of Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, or Ralph Macchio. * Read a Tiger Beat magazine. * Read at least three Judy Blume books. * Learned about growing up from Judy Blume books. * Drove around in high school looking for parties. * Drank wine coolers. * Had BIG hair for at least one school year. * Listened to a radio station. * Could be out for three hours or more without your mom knowing, wondering, or worrying about where you were. * Wished you could go to Fantasy Island or step aboard The Love Boat. * Played Atari * Went to an arcade. * Got excited to go to the roller rink. * Collected stickers. * Never ever imagined being middle-aged.

20 is a perfect score.

Share this post and your score on Twitter (@GenXGirlsGrowU1) or Facebook (@GenXBlog), tagging us, and you'll be entered into our Sept. drawing to win a "Gen X Girl" baseball cap! #GenerationX #GenX #70s #80s #JudyBlume #Atari #JenniferBeals #RobLowe

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