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Yes - generation x does desperately need the "90210" reboot right now

As always, really, I think Generation X could use some good cheer right now, as Drew Weisholtz points out in her latest piece on While I don't think it will make us feel young again, it may make us happy for an hour. And isn't that something?

Though I am sure the actors/characters (is there a difference to us, when the show is playing?) have changed, and grown older, so have we. I'm not sure we're ready to see that.

I wonder if they will be wiser. The adversity they once faced on the show - from the broken hearts to the squabbles at the beach house - seemed a bit silly then (and certainly now) - but, boy, did we get sucked in. We have lived since then, too. To be fair, they tackled big problems then as well, like drug addiction and domestic violence. These problems in the real world haven't progressed much as people would like - but that's another story.

I am excited to see them again, but hope the show will bring good cheer. I don't know if i'm ready to see them grown up. I just don't know if I want them dealing with mortgage payments and coloring their gray, and divorce agreements and saving for college. Maybe I want to remember them at that point in time, the way i'd rather think of myself back then, when the show began and I was 20: young and hopeful.

I was so caught up in, and impressed by, what they had accomplished! Brandon and Steve's newspaper, Val's club, Donna's dress shop. Who would have thought that someday we'd all be living in a world where we no longer held paper newspapers in our hands, but got our news online and anytime we wanted? Brandon would always be on deadlines now; his diligence and hard work ethic would really come in handy. And Donna's dress shop? The reality is it may have closed to give way to Stitch Fix (which I love). Val's club? I am way too tired by 9pm on a Friday night to even think about it.

Let's watch and hopefully be happy for them, but I hope reality doesn't kick in too much. Generation X deserves to suspend a little reality.

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