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X says, z says

A new monthly series by Gen X Girls Grow Up

Just how much do the decades and times we grew up in shape our perspectives and beliefs? How does what we look for and value in others change as we grow older? Does it? It’s hard to say, but we’re tackling one question from women of two generations.

March 2022

The Question: What do you value in a good friend?

X Says Erin, 52, Generation X

First and foremost, I value friends who prove they are trustworthy. To me, this can only come with time, and there’s no shortcut for that. They are good secret keepers and excellent listeners.

I also want someone who supports me - even though they may disagree with me or would never make the decisions I make. They may shake their heads in wonder, but they respect me for doing what’s right for me. And we can laugh at that!

I want someone who balances me out – maybe someone who offers a realistic, logical perspective to my Pisces dreamer outlook on life – but who likes some of the same fun little things I do – whether it’s searching for the right lipstick or best martini.

Z Says Liv, 19, Gen Z

For me, a good friend is somebody who listens to me when the only thing I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs - someone who will scream with me.

I want somebody who always has my back and says ”I’ll do it, if you do it,” when I think of another stupid idea that might get us in trouble. But also somebody who knows when to stop me and tell me I’m irresponsible when the moment is right.

And most important;u, I want someone who supports me and my goals in life. Somebody who’s always by my side, being a part of every important decision I come across.

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