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What If Those Judy Blume Characters Really Can Come to Life?

When we were twelve, we felt like we knew them. Deenie and David and Margaret and Pete. The characters in Judy Blume books seemed so real - and so relatable. I remember reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing for hours on end (which I loved) in my bunk at sleepaway camp (which I hated). I read Are You There, God, It's Me, Margaret in my lavender room, happily surrounded by Grease posters, Tiger Beat magazines and radio. Yes, tweens read actual books back then. Today, Heidi Steven's Chicago Tribune piece indicates a Judy Blume book may be made into a movie! That's exciting. Even for us Generation X girls who have grown up and deal with a whole new set of (middle age) problems.

The real question is which one of us can play the moms?

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My daughter has read and re-read Are You There God as many times as I have. No matter your age, some angst are universal and never goes out of style. Can't wait to see the movie (hope it doesn't disappoint).

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