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Vision Boards for 2019: Smart or Silly for Fortysomethings?

I just saw a segment on our local news featuring a Vision Board expert. She pointed out all the ways and reasons people should make a vision board for their New Year's resolutions, and I think she convinced me. I want to do this. I think it would help, as i'm tired of writing out my resolutions in words each year. (And, let's face it, not all stick.) Why not try a new approach? Still, this picture-searching and clipping seems a little grade school-ish and silly for a 48-year old.

What do you think? Have you done one? Would you try? Or is Generation X too old for this? I don't think so!?

It can change your life! Maybe. I think I am going to do one, and rope a few others in to do one, too. Maybe we can make it a party, with wine and all the glue sticks left over from the kids' back to school shopping list.

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