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The work spouse is dead

The “Work Spouse” has gone the way of water cooler chitchat, daily coffee runs with coworkers, and spontaneous commiseration. And that should make a lot of people sad. As a Generation X worker who experienced life in different company offices across three decades, I’ve seen a lot of changes! Now, the human aspect has taken a hit, and some generations will feel this loss more than others. The sanity-saving “work spouse” — often an opposite-sex co-worker who was always simply and literally there for a daily vent or pep talk is now simply…gone.

Check out my latest piece on Medium, where I ask:

"When it comes to a Work Spouse, is it better to have loved and lost — or to have never loved at all? I mourn the fact Gen Z and my teenage kids may never have one."

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2023. ápr. 12.

The thing about a "work spouse" is that it's just another way that Corporate America made it OK to spend super long hours at work. Now, if it's gone, that removes another crutch they were counting on to keep people chained to the desks longer. I say "Good riddance"!

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