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What's "Summer" When You're 48?

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Sun rising over Navy Pier, W Lakeshore Hotel

My kids' excitement around the last day of school was electric. But summer sort of sucks when you're in your forties. Where's the "break" part? These kids don't realize how good they have it! You live for a week's break off work maybe twice the entire summer, when you can get away and actually enjoy the season, like here, at my hometown of Chicago, Navy Pier. Update: Most kids seem so buried in their phones we could all actually be in the middle of a winter snow storm. #GenerationX #NavyPier


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This is the first summer (2018) I've worked in the past 15 years. Previously, I was a school librarian. I had summers at home with my children, which was fun for about a month, and then we were all bored. I made a career shift after finishing another master's (a whole other topic...) and, though I'm at a college, worked full-time through the summer. It was okay, and it's better than being unemployed (which I was for 8 months,) but I wonder if I'm short-changing my younger two of the time I had with my oldest.

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