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Ten '80s gifts generation x will love

We've found an array of feel-good gifts that Generation X will love. As you celebrate the season - or want to treat yourself - shop on our Gen X Girls Grow Up Amazon Storefront!

Peanuts Belgian Chocolate Bar Gift Set (This just makes me happy.)

Skee Ball (I used to play this for hours - or until quarters ran out...)

Mini Ms. Pac Man (I was never good at this, but loved playing it at the roller rink arcade.)

Grease Mug

(There will never be another "Grease" - or another Olivia Newton-John...)

'80s Trivia Game (It's an actual game you hold in your hands - not online!)

Brat: An '80s Story by Andrew McCarthy - Grand Central Publishing

(I just loved this book - I hope you didn't miss our giveaways when it came out!)

Mix Tape Pillow

(Makes me want to dig mine out. And find an cassette player.)

'70s and '80s Mugs (Just proud.)

Breakfast Club T-Shirt (Let's make sure people don't forget about Generation X.)

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