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Marketing to Generation X

What should marketers keep in mind when courting Gen X consumers? Writer Alex Herring highlights business consultant Ashley Morrow's best practices for marketing to generations. She shared four points for marketing to Generation X - three of which I personally totally agree with:

  • Offer coupons and discounts. “Make them feel like they are getting a deal. Emailed coupons and discounts work great with this generation.” - I relate. Getting email offers from brands or for things i've been wanting to get - or even considering - spurs me into action. I feel special, and smart for "saving."

  • Consider YouTube. "35 percent of Gen X watches YouTube daily." - I don't get this one. Maybe i'm not the typical Gen X consumer I think I am, but I can count my times ever watching YouTube on two hands. I don't have the time or patience. But - I know people my age who do. Including one extremely busy lady who can still spend an hour watching babies and dogs. And another who watches make-up experts. (I admit this is the one time I got sucked in for hours. Good stuff!)

  • Remember they like to be informed when making a purchase. 68 percent make decisions based on reviews. - I trust reviews - maybe too much so. I won't get a product if it has too many bad reviews - whether it's a hotel, dog treat, wallet or can opener.

  • Don’t forget traditional marketing. 48 percent listen to the radio, 62 percent still read newspapers, and 85 percent watch traditional television. - I am still a regular TV addict, and long for the days when the newspaper arrived.

Gen-Xers out there, do these hold true for you?

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