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It's "What Ever Happened To...? Wednesday!

"What Ever Happened To...?" is a new weekly look at some of our favorite people from our Gen X growing up years. This week: Kristy McNichol and the cast of the television program "Family." Who DIDN'T love Kristy McNichol in "Family" and "Little Darlings?"

I remember watching "Family" with my mom, so I was surprised to read the show ran from 1976 - 1979. I was awfully young (six to nine)!) to be watching that, I think. Alcholism, adoption. Oh well. We were Generation X, though, so wise beyond our years and well aware the world wasn't fair or perfect. The fact that I was only ten when I saw Kristy star in "Little Darlings" is probably more concerning...

But back to "Family." It made me want an older brother like "Willie." And it made me realize that even seemingly normal-looking, intact families in nice houses could have problems, too.

She's 58 now (yikes) and evidently lives in L.A. with her partner, where she spends time doing yoga, playing tennis, and doing charity work (so I read).

She was such an icon to #GenX Girls!

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