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If Wine Makers Don't Market Right to Generation X, What a Miss!

Every single woman I know, my age, drinks wine - literally. Except one, who loves beer. A recent article in Forbes, "In Its Quest for Millennials, Has The Wine Industry Ignored Generation X?", poses a great question. And the answer is yes. Add this to the never-ending list of companies/products/marketers that forget about us, Generation X.

And we are the most brand-loyal generation!

According to a Silicon Valley Bank report, Gen X will pass boomers in about three years and become the biggest fine wine–consumer demographic in the U.S., but guess what? Only for five years before the Millennials take over. (Add this to the list of things Millennials have taken or will take over!)

What influences you to buy specific wines? Do you think we are ignored here, too?

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