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Gen X Girls Grow Up Featured in SeeMe Beauty's "SeeMe SOAR" Spotlight

Did you know there's a skin care product line especially fomulated for '80s girls, by '80s girls? Three women at Procter & Gamble created SeeMe Beauty, and I had the opportunity to chat with the team. Check out our interview, where they spotlight how Gen X Girls Grow Up began and how and why we're growing so fast!

I loved talking about the pride of our generation and the things I learned growing up; some of the best advice I ever received from wise women in my life (like my Baby Boomer mom!), and how we rethink beauty - and products - as we get older. The search for a moisturizer that works, or the "right" eye cream, is real! I hope you'll check out the piece, read their story, and explore their shop.

Gen X Girls Grow Up friends and followers get 20% off their orders using the coupon code "Gen X 20" at checkout!

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