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gen x girls giveaway! the "80's girl candle"

Smell Love's Baby Soft again!

Don't miss the "80's Girl Candle" giveaway, happening on my Gen X Girls Grow Up Facebook page through 10pm Eastern Time, Sunday, January 30! Head over there to enter. Courtesy of Hardin Soy Candles.

To further celebrate cool '80s stuff, I went behind the scenes with Stacy Hardin, Owner of Hardin Soy Candles, to hear what inspires her...

1. How did you get the idea for an 80’s Girl candle? I wanted something that embodied who I was - to me, the 80's were fabulous! I miss them. After I did the 80's candle, everyone wanted me to do one for them, so I did 70's Girl, 90's Girl and Millennial Girl.

2. Are YOU a Gen X Girl? Yes! I was in high school from '84-'88. My hair was huge, my purse was huge, and it held a huge can of Aqua Net! I had super bleached out (Sun-In!) permed hair, lots of colorful makeup, shirts with the collar turned up, stonewashed jeans, and jelly shoes and bracelets. I was a pom pom girl and had a blast.

3. Did you wear Love's Baby Soft? My friends and I were obsessed with Love's Baby Soft, Exclamation and Jean Nate!

4. What’s the best-selling candle from your “Generations” collection?

80’s Girl. 😊

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