Don't Fuel the Death of the Greeting Card, Generation X

When was the last time you bought a greeting card? Like, in a store. One you had to go to a store for, select, pay for at checkout, write on, stamp, find an actual mailbox, and mail? I can't recall a recent time, either. Sad, but true. I recently read that Millennials are now the #1 buyers of greeting cards. I guess they deserve credit for the 6.5 billion greeting cards the Greeting Card Association says are still being purchased each year.

I feel guilty my generation isn't doing our part to keep greeting cards going. Maybe i'm more attached to them than most. After all, my grandmother did own a Hallmark Store while I was growing up. I spent hours hanging out there, sorting cards, helping with inventory, wandering the aisles moving my favorites around and watching customers carefully consider their choices. They looked so satisfied - or relieved - after picking the "right" one!