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Dear Brat Pack: A 'Brats' Review

A Gen X girl's gut reaction to the long-awaited documentary

Spoiler Alert! I watched the long-awaited ‘Brats” documentary on Hulu last night with extremely high expectations. Actor/Director Andrew McCarthy reunited with some of his Brat Pack buddies from the ’80s, taking Gen Xers behind the scenes and back to our coming-of-age years. I’m not sure I understood the reason for the journey. Please check out my review on Medium.

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Such a thoughtful review, Erin. I watched it while texting another 53 year old friend. We had the same reaction as you did - why did he leave in the scene of him eating at a food truck and asking the server if she knew who the Brat Pack was? Why didn’t Andrew do narration when he was showing films he couldn’t get audio rights to? I was left wanting to give him a hug. Seemed like a therapy session that many members of the Brat Pack didn’t need. The documentary needed a clearer vision. And Judd Nelson!

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