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Color wars: we will not go quietly, even if we have to do this ourselves, too

Home hair-color sales are spiking 23% over last year, according to Nielsen data.

Generation X women are undoubtedly fueling these sales. Why?

It is not just because we are vain, or that we think we are still cool (we know we are, actually). Then, why?

Because 50 is sneaking up on us, and we’re not ready, and we don’t feel it, and refuse to feel it. We CERTAINLY don't want to look it. A gray hair, or ten, screams reminders we don't want to hear...

Because hundreds of Millennials are at our heels, in their more stylish shoes, flying down our career paths, pounding down doors at our workplaces, trying to make us lose our place. We can’t let them outpace us, even if some oversee us. We can't let our HAIR be the thing that makes us lose. And because Generation Z is so smart, thoughtful and “on it” that we know they aren't far behind.

We won't let ourselves look like the next set of retirees after our Baby Boomer colleagues. It's just impossible. But in 2028, there will be more GenXers than Baby Boomers...

We lived through the 80s. We are the badasses - and will remain looking as such. We are good at not giving up. And that includes holding on to youth as long as we can. Color away!

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