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Book Review: #EXTRAOrdinary: Ride the Waves

#EXTRAOrdinary is a book that will have you nodding in agreement, laughing to yourself, and relaxing – and Generation X needs that right now. Authors and friends Lisa Shaffner Sohn and Carleen Matts-Behrends (Wise Ink Creative Publishing, 2019) take readers on a fun ride of life growing up as GenXers and contemplate – in the most fun and real ways possible – life now at middle age. In fact, the first question they pose is “What do you think of when you contemplate aging and being middle aged?”

But their second question seems even more important! “What are the best qualities of those who support you the most and love you just the way you are?” This spirit kicks of the reader’s journey, spiked with hopeful vibes every chapter of the way.

I enjoyed the photos of their lives that help tell their stories, from the eighties to today, as they shared their GenX memories, emotional journeys as women, and personal experiences facing adversity and self-reflection. Through their “rules of life” and honest observations, they convey everything in a unique way – real but whimsical, significant but not overly serious. In short, it’s actually FUN, and funny.

My favorite parts were the journal questions following the chapters. These will make you think and grow. (And how fun is it to actually WRITE in a book? I mean, when did you last get to do that?)

This book will have you looking and laughing at yourself, finding tips for balance, and giving yourself a break. You will likely recognize you are not alone – in dealing with life, parenting, friendships, family, forgiveness, and a quest for personal growth. Give it a read, grab a pen to be ready to fill in the journal pages, and have some fun. As I think the authors are trying to convey, you deserve this!

P.S. I loved the list of essential oils. Must try lavender this week.

Available on Amazon.


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